Environmental & Sustainability Policy


The staff and management of Craig Simon Plumbing Pty Ltd (CSP) recognise that there are environmental and sustainability responsibilities that extend beyond legal and regulatory requirements. With this in mind, CSP aims to operate all areas of the business in a manner that creates better living conditions for future generations.

From the top down CSP strives to meet the following objectives:


  • Follow all applicable environmental legislation, standards and guidelines as well as any project specific requirements
  • Support the principles of ecological sustainable development to help create better living conditions for future generations
  • Maintain open communication with staff, stakeholders and clients on the continual improvement of work processes to provide a better net positive outcome for the community
  • Work in a manner appropriate to the sensitivities of the local and regional environment
  • Reduce air pollution by using appropriate dust suppression systems and reducing greenhouse emissions
  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle waste wherever possible, including in our offices
  • Minimise the use of non-renewable resources, especially mined and quarried products


This policy will be provided to all employees and contractors and the importance emphasised at regular toolbox meetings. Where required training will be provided to help meet and exceed these objectives. This policy will be provided to all clients and stakeholders on request.








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